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Salt Fields in Hon Khoi

Hon Khoi in Ninh Hoa District, Khanh Hoa Province is famous for not only long and beautiful beaches, but also making salt. Covering about 400ha, it is considered one of the largest salt fields nationwide. .
Making salt in Hon Khoi lasts from March to July every year. In recent years, the locals have produced two new types of salt – canvas covered salt and Japanese refined salt to meet the demand of the market. 

During the harvest, salt piles look like snow mountains on the fields.
In traditional salt fields in Hon Khoi.

At sunrise, the salt making process begins in the Hon Khoi fields.
Harvesting salt in the Hon Khoi  fields.

Transporting harvested salt to collecting areas. 

An area for collecting salt for sale. 

Hon Khoi locals have recently produced refined salt for export to Japan. 

The salt fields in Hon Khoi provide 30,000tonnes of salt of all types for the domestic market per year.

Canvas covered salt is made in large fields of about 1ha. Salt is covered by canvas for five months before harvesting, thereby the quality of salt is much improved. Each field annually yields about 500tonnes of salt. To make Japanese refined salt, it requires a more complicated process. The salt fields must be paved before pouring sea water into them and then dried for 7-8 days. Harvested salt is grilled and then dried for a few more days. Each year, the locals produce about 30,000tonnes of salt of all types to provide the domestic market.

Visiting Hon Khoi during the season, tourists can take beautiful photos of salt piles which look like “small mountains” on the fields.

By Tat Son