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Saigon Looks Strange as Seen from Above

About 40 aerial photos of Ho Chi Minh City were displayed at photographer and journalist Tran Thanh Son’s exhibition which brought viewers new angles to see Saigon – Ho Chi Minh City from above.
Familiar corners of Ho Chi Minh City were astonishing through the lens of a local photographer, who wants to see what the city looks like from a helicopter.

The opening ceremony of the exhibition by photographer Gian Thanh Son in Ho Chi Minh City. Photo: File

Photographer Gian Thanh Son (L) prepares for his shots from a helicopter. Photo: File

The space for displaying photographs. Photo: Thong Hai

At the exhibition. Photo: Thong Hai

These photographs, taken from several aircraft of Aviation Division 370 and Helicopter Regiment 917, were selected from his 20-year photography project. The exhibition was held to raise money for a charity for children.

Son has set three national records with his unique photo collections. He has visited more than 80 countries as a photojournalist and has participated in various international events.

 Hang Xanh Overpass in Binh Thanh District.

  A residential area in Saigon.

Ly Thai To Intersection in 2010.

Nhieu Loc Canal and Nguyen Van Troi Bridge in 2009.

The Saigon River.

Part of the Saigon River tunnel.

Turtle Lake in District 1.

Binh Loi Bridge.

23/9 Park and the New World Saigon Hotel in 2010.

Nhieu Loc Canal and Nguyen Van Troi Bridge.

Story: Nguyen Vu Thanh Dat - Photos: Gian Thanh Son, Thong Hai & Files