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Hoan Ngoc Tea: A Miracle Herbal Drink

Inspired by passion for the Hoan Ngoc plant (Pseuderanthemumpalatiferum) and enthusiasm for community health, Bui Thi Kim Nga has successfully built the Hoan Ngoc tea company and the company’s product has become a speciality and is tied to the land and people of Tay Ninh province.
Bui Thi Kim Nga, director of the private tea company Hoan Ngoc 7 Nga, said she began research on Hoan Ngoc tea in 1995, after learning from Dr. Tran Cong Khanh that this medicinal plant could treat 25 diseases, including cancer, lung disease and prostate fibrosis. In 2001, she created Hoan Ngoc tea from the leaves and roots of this plant.

To ensure quality, Hoan Ngoc 7 Nga products are manufactured according to strict procedures, from planting to processing, harvesting and storage. Not only beneficial for health, Hoan Ngoc tea also has a delicious taste.

Hoan Ngoc garden at company headquarters in Ba Ba Nang district, Duong Minh Chau district, Tay Ninh province.

Caring for Hoan Ngoc plants.

Hoan Ngoc plants have medicinal properties that can cure 25 diseases.

The Hoan Ngoc roots need 7 years to be mature enough to produce Hoan Ngoc tea.

Dried materials for producing Hoan Ngoc tea.

Bui Kim Nga, director of Hoan Ngoc 7 Nga creates sucessfully the trade of Hoan Ngoc tea.

According to Nga, in 2007 she proposed to the scientists of the Institute of Chemistry and the Academy of Sciences and Technology to invest in scientific work on this plant. She has participated in several joint research projects on Hoan Ngoc ranging from cultivation, harvesting and processing.

In 2010, the Hoan Ngoc 7 Nga tea company was financed by the government to carry out a scientific research project at the state level on the "Process for the creation of a composition against tumours from Hoan Ngoc". In 2012, the company received funding to produce two types of capsules that help fight cancer.

Packing line.

Advanced machinery with modern production technology.

Hoan Ngoc tea packaging process.

Welcoming us to the headquarters of the company in the commune of Bau Nang, Duong Minh Chau district, Tay Ninh province, Nga explained that she has been working for over 20 years on the Hoan Ngoc plants to produce medicines. With only 20 Hoan Ngoc plants at the beginning, the company now has a planting zone of 40ha that meet the World Health Organisation (WHO)’s GACP standards.

Hoan Ngoc 7 Nga also confirmed its quality in the international market with the "Worldwide Good Quality Award", the most prestigious award of the International Federation of Food Science and Technology (IUFoST), awarded in 2014.

Hoan Ngoc 7 Nga tea is a popular product of  Tay Ninh.

Gifts for tourists in the country and abroad..

Bui Kim Nga, director of Hoan Ngoc 7 Nga with his Cordyceps products.

Cordyceps - Precious Medicines, a product of Hoan Ngoc 7 Nga.

Hoan Ngoc is originally from Vietnam. It was found by Dr. Tran Cong Khanh (Hanoi University of Pharmacy) in Cuc Phuong National Park in the 1990s. The plant could strengthen health, resistance, immunity, prevent and minimise cell oxidation, promote digestion, support the treatment of hepatitis and hypertension, increase fat in the blood and help fight diabetes, and tumours.

Story: Nguyen Vu Thanh Dat      Photos: Nguyen Luan