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Cua Dai Beach Threatened by Erosion and Sea Encroachment

In recent years, as a result of climate change, the Cua Dai coast in the city of Hoi An, Quang Nam Province has been being seriously damaged by chronic erosion and sea encroachment, threatening residents and causing big losses for the province’s tourism sector.
With the government’s support, Quang Nam Province has held several seminars with the participation of both domestic and foreign experts to find solutions on coastal erosion and sea encroachment prevention. After conducting surveys on Cua Dai Beach, the experts came to a consensus on using the Geo-tube dyke system of the Netherlands. 

The Fusion Alya  Resort in Cua Dai is one of many seriously destroyed by sea encroachment. 

Cua Dai Beach was a great beach in Vietnam but now a row of bamboo  stakes is set up to prevent  sea encroachment. 

Cua Dai Beach is seriously destroyed  by sea encroachment. 

The locals feel desperate when seeing the destruction caused by sea encroachment.

Mai Thi Kiem (48 years old), owner of a food stall near Cua Dai Beach
pray fior the beach not to be eroded.

Sand was pumped into Geotextile bags, each weighing about 300tonnes and being 5m high and 20m long. Geotextile bags are set up 50-100m from the beach. The solution was implemented at the Victoria Hoi An Resort which approved the feasibility and effectiveness.  The resort has now reopened and is attracting an increasing number of tourists.

The Geo-tube dyke system  is now implemented  on Cua Dai Beach. However, it is just a temporary solution because each Geo-tube has the longevity of around  3-5 years. Therefore, the province continues to look for a long-term and sustainable solution for the issue.

Pumping sand into Geotextile -bags on Cua Dai Beach. 

Giant sand bags, ech weighing 300 tonnes, are placed together to presevent  sea encroachment.

The locals put sand bags on the coast to prevent their stalls from being destroyed by waves.  

Constructing the Geo-tube dyke system to prevent erosion at Cua Dai Beach. 

The locals participate in making and reinforcing the dyke with sand bags. 

Sand is transported from other localities to make the dyke system. 
Những xe cát được chở từ nơi khác đến để đổ vào kè mềm chắn sóng.

The construction of the Geo-tube dyke system now faces difficulties because of rising sea water.

The solution was implemented at the Victoria Hoi An Resort which approved the feasibility and effectiveness.

By Tat Son