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Antiques at the Vintage Art Fair

The Vintage Art Fair co-organised by Real Art and the Vintage Collective takes place every second Sunday of each month at Sumvilla (Tay Ho District). Booths exhibiting a wide range of old objects capture much attention from Vietnamese of all ages. Many foreigners are also attracted to the fair as they are curious about the objects that are closely linked to Vietnam’s important historical eras. 
At the fair, customers can find numerous unique and strange objects such as water kettles, rice bowls, oil lamps, cassette players, telephones, and calculators that were used in the subsidy period or banknotes of different ages. Besides these household gadgets, visitors to the fair can learn more about national history in wartime through war memorabilia such as radio receiver-transmitters, medical instruments, soldiers’ water-bottles, war medals, etc. Many unique objects are sold at reasonable prices.

Nguyen Thi Hang, an older attendee, emotionally shared: “I heard about the Vintage Art Fair from my child and decided to come here out of curiosity. I am really moved that those objects intimately connected with my youth in wartime are collected and preserved by youngsters. I think this is a great occasion for me or other war veterans to think and recall our memories of the nation’s heroic years in wartime.”

 Booths at the Vintage Art Fair attract a lot of people visiting and buying unique objects.

Customers come to the antique-selling booths not only to buy interesting items but also to find their
memories of the past.

Antique-selling booths draw much attention from Hanoi youngsters.

Foreigners living in Hanoi are also interested in the Vintage Art Fair.

Banknotes of different values and ages are for sale.

 Household items from the subsidy period are sold at the fair.

Oil lamps and aluminum saucepans used in the subsidy period.

China and ceramic objects used in the subsidy period.

Old cassette players are sold for about 2-3 million dong.

 Old stamps used in the past.

 Radio receiver-transmitters used in wartime.

Medical instruments used for treating soldiers in the battle field.

Traders at the booths are also antiques collectors who come to the fair both to sell objects and to find those who share their common interest. Nguyen Cong Hoa, owner of a booth selling old household utensils, acknowledged: “Items sold here are partly my family’s possessions and partly from my collections. As an antiques lover, I consider each object a piece of art. It would be nice if I can sell them at good prices, but if not, I think it is also an opportunity for me to meet with people with a shared passion.”

It can be said that the Vintage Art Fair is an interesting destination that shows the national history and helps raise people’s national awareness and pride.

Story: Ngan Ha - Photos: Khanh Long