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Canon PhotoMarathon:
A Time Challenge for Photographic Talent

The biggest photograph competition in Vietnam, Canon PhotoMarathon, has attracted more than 30,000 contestants with 87,000 photos for the past ten years. 
Hiroshi Yokota, President and CEO of Canon Marketing Vietnam Co., Ltd., said that the 10-year journey of Canon PhotoMarathon in Vietnam was a commitment by the company to foster the sustainable development of Vietnam’s photography.

Justin Mott, a famous US documentary and commercial photographer and one of the three judges of the Canon PhotoMarathon, said, “One of the factors that makes me happily accept the invitation to participate in the contest is that it provides me with the opportunity to see the passion and energy of contestants. It has not been dissipated over time and the competition has been elevated both in quality and quantity.”

Canon PhotoMarathon is the quick photo-shooting contest from Singapore and is held annually in Vietnam by Canon Marketing Vietnam Co., Ltd. The contest is for all people living in Vietnam without any restriction in citizenship, experience, age or camera types.

The photo, “Motherhood”, by Trinh Trung Dung, the Grand Champion of the 2015 contest,
is highly appreciated in terms of technical processing and ideas. 

A funny photo themed “Art of Painting” by Bui Thi Ngoc Ha.

Canon PhotoMarathon posed a challenge to the skills and creativity of Vietnamese photographers in creating photographic masterpieces under the pressure of time.

On the day of the contest, participants had to capture images of three separate themes announced at different stages during the event. After contestants completed all three themes, the prizes were announced right at the organising place.
Pursuit of impressive snapshots under time constraints is the main attraction of the contest. Judges selected the awarded photos according to criteria including, creative ideas, balanced layout, lively colours and relevance to the assigned themes.

In this 10th contest, photographers in Ho Chi Minh City received three themes: “Art of Painting”, “Saigon Cuisine” and “Waiting”. 3,500 photography enthusiasts in Hanoi took part in the contest with themes of “The Gate”, “Living Slowly” and “Motherhood”.

The Grand Champion is the most prestige prize of Canon PhotoMarathon which includes a 5,000 dollar Photo Clinic in Japan with other champions from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Cambodia and Thailand. The Grand Champion of Vietnam this year is highly appreciated in terms of shooting technique and ideas.

Vietnam Pictorial is honoured to introduce the best photos of Canon PhotoMarathon 2015 held in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi in October.

In Ho Chi Minh City:

1st prize  of “Art of Painting” by Nguyen Duy Bao.

2nd prize of “Art of Painting”  by Huynh Thi Thu Trang.

3rd prize of “Art of Painting” by Nguyen Quoc Khanh.

1st prize of “Saigon Cuisine”  by Trinh Ngoc Hai.

2nd prize of “Saigon Cuisine” by Tran Xuan Tien.

3rd prize of “Saigon Cuisine” by Nguyen Anh Duc.  

1st prize of “Waiting” by Le Nguyen Tuyet Nhi.

2nd prize of “Waiting” by Le Thi Khanh Ngoc.

3rd prize of “Waiting”  by Nguyen Minh Hoang.

In Ha Noi:

1st prize of “The Gate” by Nguyen Anh Tuan.

2nd prize of “The Gate” by Le Huyen Trang.

3rd prize of “The Gate” by Lai Duc Hiep.

1st prize of “Living Slowly” by Dinh Duy Quang.

2nd prize of “Living Slowly”  by Tran Anh Tuan.

3rd prize of “Living Slowly” by Tran Minh.

1st prize of “Motherhood”  by Pham Tuan Hieu.

2nd prize of “Motherhood”  by Mac Hoang Phuc.

3rd prize of “Motherhood”  by Tran Quang Tung.

By Trong Chinh