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A Special Bulletin on Ship KN 490

Nearly 80 overseas Vietnamese who visited Truong Sa (Spratly) Island District of Khanh Hoa Province and DK1 Oil Rig were very eager to listen to the special news brief  on Ship KN 490 because it not only upgraded their trip’s route  but also broadcast poems and songs of those who live far from the homeland but in their hearts always love their country.

The special bulletin was announced after the ship left the wharf  by  local and foreign reporters and editors from different press agencies who participated in the trip to Truong Sa and DK1 Oil Rig. At 5:00pm. everyday, reporters were busy preparing the bulletin, each taking responsibility for one part, such as interviewing, writing and editing the news.

Ship KN 490 takes 80 overseas Vietnamese to visit Hoang Sa Islands and DK1 Oil Rig.

The special bulletin was announced on Ship KN 490 when it left the wharf.

The news bulletin is implemented by both local and foreign reporters
and editors from different press agencies.

The ceremony to commemorate soldiers who died on Gac Ma Island is broadcast during the  news brief.

The bulletin consisted of three parts: updating the sea route and working schedules, sharing impressions and  feelings of overseas Vietnamese and artistic items with songs praising the Vietnamese sea and islands performed by overseas Vietnamese, the artistic troupe and soldiers of Ship KN 490.

Apart from  local reporters, there was journalist Nguyen Phuong Hung, 70 years old, from the United States, who said it was his third visit to Truong Sa. An Editor-in-Chief of overseas radio station KBC, he showed great interest in the sovereignty over the islands and sea of Vietnam. At each stop, he took notes and pictures of overseas Vietnamese on the ship and their sentiments towards people living in the most dangerous part of the country.
Reporters collect news and information which are then broadcast at 5:00pm. 

A reporter reading the news over the loudspeaker on Ship KN 490.

Many poems and feelings of overseas Vietnamese towards to soldiers
on Truong Sa islands were broadcast during the trip.

The sea route and working schedules of the delegation is updated through a news brief.

Reporters of the special news brief on duty on KD1 Oil Rig.

One of the important parts of the news brief is the live contact
with overseas Vietnamese who participate in the trip.

Many overseas Vietnamese record their artistic items to broadcast on the new brief.

The last part of the news brief consists of artistic items with songs about the Vietnamese sea.

The news brief is broadcast daily on Ship KN 490.

The sea route and working schedules of the delegation is updated through a news brief.

Although the  broadcast lasted a short time, about 15-20 minutes, during the  11 day trip to Truong Sa islands, the familiar sounds from the special bulletin on Ship KN 490 served to connect overseas Vietnamese and those who participated in the trip.  Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Xuan Thanh , a representative from the General Department of Politics of the Vietnam People's Army (VPA), said: “The bulletin is very important and practical for all members of the trip”.
By Nguyen Luan