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Unique home in Saigon

Dinh Nguyen Binh in Ho Chi Minh City has a beautiful home where all of the furniture and decorative items are made from glass bottles and plastic caps.
Binh has a hobby of collecting used glass bottles and plastic caps and turning them into decorative objects. His hobby comes from Binh’s concern about environmental pollution. He wants to do something which helps raise awareness about environmental protection.

The 50-year-old man has recycled more than 10,000 glass bottles and plastic caps into beautiful items to decorate his home in Tan Phu district.

 Funiture and decorative items in Binh's home are made from glass bottles.

The most difficult job is drilling through the bottom of the bottle. 

Fixing the bottles. 

The bottles are assembled evenly. 

Binh's home is unique in Saigon.

A Christmas tree made from colorful glass bottles. 

A  set of table and chairs.

A sophisticatedly assembled sofa. 

A set of dinner table and chairs.

 The bed in Binh’s home is made from more than 200 bottles to celebrate the 15th anniversary of his wedding.

 A unique ceiling light. 

The clock in Binh's home.

Suspension hooks. 

Decorative dragonflies.

A mini bar.

Tree of love.

Binh’s bottle-decorated home is truly impressive. 

One of the most impressive pieces of furniture in Binh’s house is a set of table and chairs made from hundreds of wine bottles. “It took me a lot of time and energy to make the table and chairs. The work required special care, otherwise, the bottles would break when drilling through the bottom,” Binh said.

The bed in Binh’s home was made from more than 200 bottles to celebrate the 15th anniversary of his wedding. It took him two years to collect bottles of the same size, model and color for making this bed. “The bed was made with all my love for my family,” Binh said.
By Thong Hai

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