Local flavor

Tam huu, the friendship of flavors

The 400 year-old herb village of Tra Que has become a magnet for both foreign and domestic visitors to Hoi An. Tra Que farmers like to cook special local dishes, including tam huu (Three Friends Spring Onion Rolls) to serve to visitors.

Tam huu means three friends and the “three friends” are the main ingredients. It is a type of Vietnamese spring roll which uses the ingredients of prawns, pork and herbs. To make the spring roll, instead of using rice paper, spring onion leaves are used to wrap around the prawns and pork. 

Special herbs from Tra Que village. 

Tam huu.

It is quite simple to make the dish. Select the fresh pawns, pork belly and native herbs in the village. Boil the prawns and pork, and then slice the boiled pork and peel the prawns. Take a blanched spring onion leaf and pinch some mint and coriander at the base. Add in a piece of pork and prawns. Wrap around it with the rest of the onion leaf. 

Trying the dish in Hanoi at Tasty Hoi An restaurant, 56 Ly Thuong Kiet street
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The dish is best served with sour and sweet sauce. It gives a great taste of Tra Que village to every visitor who has tried the dish.

Story: Bich Van  -   Photos: Thanh Giang

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