Local flavor

Ram it, a Hue delicacy

As a really tasty and texturally amazing little appetizer made in Hue, ram it is a recommended dish for visitors to the ancient city.
Ram it consists of the two elements. “It” is a sticky rice dumpling filled with caramelized shrimp, pork belly and beans. The filling of the cake is cooked with the native shrimp of Hue which creates its special taste. The extra crispy cake in the bottom is what people call “ram”. It makes ram it different from the usual cakes.

The crispiness and chewiness perfectly complement each other and diners will not taste the greasiness in the fried part of the cake. It comes with sweet and spicy fish sauce or the Hue style special sauce for a better flavor.


Ram it is originted from Hue royal court. 

There are many long-lasting traditional households making ram it so visitors can enjoy the specialty in every corner of Hue, at street food stalls or even luxury restaurants.

Story: Bich Van         Photo: Thanh Giang          Translated by Nguyen Tuoi

Vietnamese Cha oc

Vietnamese Cha oc

Cha oc(Vietnamese snail ham) is a unique dish from the northern delta countryside. It has now become a popular and favorite food in Hanoi as well as other localities in Vietnam.