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Mechanical décor a creative startup

After many failures, 35-year-old Nguyen Tuan Anh has become a master of mechanical décor in Ho Chi Minh city.
Born in Da Lat, Tuan Anh went to Saigon to study and work. He then found the right way to start a business using his passion for art.

“The first time I followed the mechanical décor path, I faced many difficulties. These items were new to me and I needed to create my own market,” Tuan Anh said. Learning from ideas on video on social media, Tuan Anh will refine what he feels is suitable for his criteria. Having never studied mechanics and not being good at engineering, Tuan Anh said that he is strong in logic and has artistic characteristics.

Tuan Anh's workspace.

Discarded gears are used in mechanical décor.

Motorcycle chains are an indispensable material in mechanical décor.

Clean engine by gasoline.

The original mold of "mechanical décor".

Fix a broken engine.

The most difficult thing about mechanical cor is the idea.

Gears work in a sequence.

Solder joints to make the product more firm. 

Painting process.

A completed product.

He takes raw materials from car and motorcycle parts. The job of turning discarded things into art started from cleaning the oil, grease and dirt from these things. They are re-polished, cut and filed to match the creator's frame.

He said that the most difficult thing about mechanical decor is the idea. When you have an idea, you don't need drawings, you don't need standard layouts. Everything is in the mind and is installed manually and one senses it with the eyes.

"Mechanics are not really dull, from the perspective of many people, they are soulful and not inanimate."
"A mechanical work of art usually consists of two parts: static and dynamic. When the gears are placed next to the edge, they must have a connection to create movement. The cooling tank, the fuel tank and the screws are the attached static details to create a beautiful overall work on the scientific and visual part of the arrangement", said the young man with big glasses and a stubble haircut.

After more than 2 years, Tuan Anh has decorated hundreds of products for customers. He also created a new decor trend in the car industry which was favored by many people.

Tuan Anh said, "Recently the products have been engraved with my name on them, which makes them more exclusive and valuable products". Each mechanical décor product created by Tuan Anh has a price of six hundred thousand dong as the cheapest and the most expensive up to several hundred million dong

Special mechanical décor products:

By Thong Hai        Translated by Hong Hanh

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