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Land of the South organic farm

Merely 60km from Ho Chi Minh City, about two hours by motorbike ride, Land of the South (Dat phuong Nam) farm in Tan An, Long An province is a good choice for those who wish to leave the busy city life for a getaway to the nature of the southern countryside.
Land of the South Organic Farm is the work of three young Southwestern locals. They are Nguyen Ngoc Yen, Nguyen Dang Khoa and Nguyen Duc Minh, who decided to “leave the city for the countryside” because of their love for nature and the non-urban life. Their project of an organic farm was built about a year ago.

Starting with an area of 5000m2, the three men worked together to renovate, brainstorm ideas and design a farm. They chose to build a wooden house and embraced it with an air of nostalgia using decorations that are old things collected from all over places. They dug a fish pond and planted lotus flowers in it, raised chickens and adopted dogs, grew organic vegetables and aeroponic vegetables, set up a coffee house and a theater area for cultural gatherings.

Visitors going to the “Land of the South” can order a drink, sipping it while enjoying the fresh countryside air, admiring the blooming lotus and wading around the fishes in the pond. If one is a tea-drinker, the lotus-encrusted tea pot made by the owners of this place will not disappoint.

 Land of the South (Dat phuong Nam) farm is located in Tan An, Long An province.

The farm is a good choice for those who wish to leave the busy city life for a getaway to the nature of the southern countryside.

Tourists visit Land of the South farm. 

The house in Land of the South farm is decorated in the old southern house style. 

The staff on the farm wear ba ba shirts and conical hats. 

Visitors enjoy the fresh countryside air.

The farm grows a lot of organic vegetables.

Enjoying a typical Vietnam's western meal at the farm. 

 The lotus pond is one of the main attractions of the farm. 

Making marinated lotus tea at the farm to serve tourists. 

Coming to Land of the South, guests can enjoy lotus tea in a peaceful countryside space. 

Enjoying a don ca tai tu performance in the Western space of the farm. 

Land of the South has now become a place where many people come to enjoy coffee, the countryside,
to buy organic vegetables and experience life on the farm. 

Visitors can also go on a farm tour, and see an old house full of old items that feels almost like a call from childhood. From there they can walk to the vegetable garden, hand-pick fresh organic vegetables such as: okra, lettuce, cabbage, melons and dragon beans to use for their delicious meals. At noon, guests will enjoy a delicious country meal prepared by the farm owners themselves using food such as vegetables, chicken, and fish taken from the farm’s garden and pond.

In the evening, this place turns into a stage for acoustic music exchanges. The owners will treat the guests to “home-made” don ca tai tu performances and in turn expect acts from their visitors for a lively musical night.

If visitors are groups of students coming to study, the farm offers a chance to learn farming, in which the kids can go to the field to try growing and harvesting vegetables and fruits, taking care of animals and studying the process of growing aeroponic vegetables. All in all, it is guaranteed to be a memorable experience.

“This place makes me feel like I’m traveling back in time to my childhood,” said Mr. Nguyen Tran Quoc Dinh, after spending a day in the Land of the South organic farm.

Nguyen Ngoc Yen, co-founder of the Land of the South organic farm said she planned to soon add more houses in the farm complex to meet the needs of overnight stays, so that visitors can have more time to enjoy and experience the life in the southern land.

Story: Son Nghia        Photos: Nguyen Luan        Translated by Hong Hanh

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