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Hung Lo chung cake

Hung Lo commune in Viet Tri, Phu Tho province is well known for making chung cakes, an essential element of a traditional Tet (Lunar New Year).
Chung cakes are made from glutinous rice, pork and green bean paste, and wrapped in a square of “dong” (arrowroot)
leaves, which gives the rice a green tint after being boiled for ten hours. Hung Lo chung cakes are famous for their taste, as locals carefully choose the ingredients.

Ingredients of Hung Lo chung cakes are selected carefully.

The craft has been maintained and developed in Hung Lo commune. 

The villagers make chung cakes as offerings to Hung kings.

Chung cakes, a favorite specialty of Vietnamese people. 

Hung Lo chung cakes has become a tourism product of the province. 

Legend has it that the 18th Hung King could not decide on who his successor would be. Finally, he decided that whoever of his sons invented the most delicious and symbolic food would become the next ruler. Prince Lang Lieu made round day cakes, representing the sky and square chung cakes, symbolizing the earth. These were decided by his father to be the best creation, and Lang Lieu took the throne. Prince Lang Lieu made the cakes in present day Hung Lo village.

Due to their quality, Hung Lo chung cakes are offered to the spirit of the Hung Kings during the festival dedicated to them in the third lunar month every year. Villagers are very proud of their traditional craft because they, on behalf of people nationwide offer chung cakes to Hung Kings during Tet and other festival days.

Hung Lo commune now has nearly 200 households engaging in the making of chung cakes and providing the cakes to almost all markets and supermarkets in the province.
By Cong Dat

Rolled Pork Ears

Rolled Pork Ears

For Vietnamese people, there are various dishes made from pork ears, such as boiled pork ears, pork ear sausage, and pork ear salad. However, pork ear and tongue rolls are a creative dish that adds richness to the menu of pork dishes.