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Hand-embroidered masks during COVID-19

The most effective weapon in the war on COVID-19 is face masks. Paying attention to the market demand, Nguyen Thi Xuan Kieu living in Ho Chi Minh City came up with the idea of turning plain fabric masks into more eye-catching but comfortable embroidery masks. Many young people consider this kind of mask as a suitable gift for relatives and friends.
Forced to quit her job as a travel agent due to the impact of COVID-19, Kieu has made masks and embroidered them by hand to earn some money. Each mask is carefully made with unique embroidery patterns of flowers and letters on linen which is an environmentally friendly fabric.

Initially, Kieu only made masks for her relatives and friends. Gradually her products became more and more popular. Making embroidery masks has become her main job during this epidemic.

“I only make 10 masks per day. Currently, the price fluctuates from 50.000 to 300.000 
dong per piece depending on the sophistication of the embroidery details. Some masks have to be embroidered taking almost a  full day”, said Kieu.

Nguyen Thi Xuan Kieu – the woman who has created the hand-embroidered masks.

A variety of colorful thread is used to embroider the patterns on the masks.

Linen fabric for sewing masks.

Use a drawing mold to shape the mask.

Drawing a lavender pattern before embroidering.

Selecting a compatible color.

The embroidery process requires care and meticulousness.

Diverse and eye-catching embroidery patterns.

The next stage after embroidering is to cut the shape into a mask.

Mask sewing.

Cut the excess thread off the mask.

“Seeing that many young people do not have the habit of wearing masks, I hope my products will encourage them and make them aware of how important wearing masks is in the fight against COVID-19.

The slogan "You are still beautiful with a mask on your face" is the message Kieu wants to send to young people, to remind them to protect their health.

“At first, people bought the masks available in our shop. Then, more and more customers ordered embroidery patterns to make their own”, said Kieu.

The masks made by Kieu do not only help prevent the virus but also allows customers to show their character and personality. Her hand-embroidered masks are also popular outside Vietnam. Kieu is creating opportunities to help women in difficulties or having serious illness get jobs

Some special embroidery details on masks made by Kieu

By Thong Hai
Translated by Hong Hanh

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