Local flavor

Fresh salad with flower crab

Locals in the central coast region of Vietnam always treat their esteemed guests with a mouthwatering appetizer, salad with flower crab.
The salad is a blend of flower crab meat, papaya, carrots, roasted peanuts and herbs, all tossed together in a sweet-sour sauce.

Fresh flower crabs are steamed and peeled to get the meat. The papaya and carrots are cut into thin ribbons using a peeler. The sweet-sour sauce is made from chopped onion, chilies, sugar, vinegar and local fish sauce.

Main ingredients of the salad. 

Flower crab meat.

A unique appetizer. 

Put the ribbons of papaya and carrots, flower crab meat and herbs into a bowl. Toss and mix well into the sauce. Tip onto a serving platter and top with the remaining herbs and peanuts.

It has the special taste of flower crabs caught off the central coast of Vietnam for everyone who has tried the dish.

Place for trying the dish in Hanoi:
O Son restaurant at 105-C5, Giang Vo street
Phone numbers: (+84) 97 885 3579
                             (+84) 39 857 4102

Story: Bich Van        Photos: Thanh Giang        Translated by Nguyen Tuoi