Local flavor

Fresh green summer rolls

Summer rolls with fermented distiller's rice is a delicious dish which shows the delicate cuisine of Hanoi.
The main ingredients of the green dish consist of romaine lettuce, shrimp, pork, fermented distiller's rice, fresh vermicelli and onion.

The ingredients determine the taste of the rolls so all of them must be chosen well. Romaine lettuce leaves should be large and fresh. The Lang onion is a special variety of Hanoi. A special element is fermented distiller's rice mixed with molasses which creates the taste of the summer rolls. Fresh bacon is boiled and sliced while the shrimp is stir-fried with a little bit of salt. 

Shrimp catched from the West Lake. 

Sliced boiled pork belly. 

Fermented distiller's rice mixed with molasses.

Fresh green summer rolls.

A boiled bacon slice, fresh vermicelli, a little fermented distiller's rice and shrimp are rolled in romaine lettuce leaves and tightened with a boiled green onion.

It is served with sweet and sour sauce with chopped garlic and chilli. The dish is good choice for summer and leaves a special reminder in everyone at the first bite.

By Thanh Giang        Translated  by Nguyen Tuoi