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Banh canh ghe

Banh canh (thick noodle soup), a traditional dish in central Vietnam, can now be easily found in Hanoi in delightful varieties. Banh canh ghe (crab thick noodle soup) is one of them. 

Visitors to Hanoi can try Banh canh ghe OSON at: No. 105-C5, alley No.1, Tran Huy Lieu street

Tel: (84) 978 853 579 - (84) 398 574 102

Email: oson.banhcanhghe@gmail.com

Thach Huong, a Hanoi woman who has a special love for banh canh and seafood has successfully created banh canh ghe, a unique combination of Huong’s two favorite ingredients. Huong’s banh canh ghe OSON is now a popular food brand for Hanoi diners.

Huong’s banh canh ghe has an exclusively delicious taste created by a sweet and clear broth made from fresh crab, pork bone and dried shrimp and squid. The dish is also an amazing blend of colors with white rice noodles, orange crab, yellow fish cakes and green onions.

Fresg ingredients of Banh canh ghe.

Banh canh ghe OSON, a popular food brand for Hanoi diners.

Story: Bich Van - Photo: Thanh Giang

Rolled Pork Ears

Rolled Pork Ears

For Vietnamese people, there are various dishes made from pork ears, such as boiled pork ears, pork ear sausage, and pork ear salad. However, pork ear and tongue rolls are a creative dish that adds richness to the menu of pork dishes.