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Life on Toc Tan island

The army and people on Toc Tan island (Truong Sa island district, Khanh Hoa province) have made sure there are no shortages or hardship that could prevent them from protecting the country's sovereignty on its sea and islands.
Simply setting foot on Toc Tan island (Alison Reef), visitors can see the young soldiers standing firmly at the forefront of their country. Life on Toc Tan island has now changed. There are buildings not only for national defense and security tasks but also for officers and soldiers to have their cultural and spiritual life. The community house at point A and point B on Toc Tan island is an example. It is where officers and soldiers practice physical training, play sports, and participate in cultural activities.

The army on Toc Tan island have made sure there are no shortages or hardship that could prevent them from protecting the country's sovereignty on its sea and islands. 

Soldiers playing with dogs.

Reading letters from the mainland. 

The soldiers play the guitar and sing in their spare time. 

Converting sea water to drinking water.

Take advantage of small, narrow areas of land to grow vegetables on the island. 

Solar panels are installed on the island. 

There are buildings for national defense and security tasks on Toc Tan island.

Shipments from the mainland to Toc Tan Island.

Letters filled with love from the mainland sent to Toc Tan.

Ducks raised on the island. 

On Toc Tan island, soldiers know their way around animal husbandry and farming. It has taken them a lot of effort to maintain well-grown vegetable gardens. They have learned to shield the gardens from the sea breeze and move the trays of vegetables according to the windy season. But mixing the growing medium, including coir, soil, and microbial fertilizer in the precise dose,  has proven to be the most challenging task.
The Toc Tan rock cluster is about 20km long and nearly 7km wide. The northern coral shelf forms a belt, creating a lake that is 15-20m deep.

Like other islands in the Truong Sa island district, Toc Tan has all possible difficulties. For example, there is the lack of fertile soil, freshwater and the harsh weather, but the island's officers and soldiers successfully found a way to build 2 domes in which they grow all kinds of vegetables like water spinach, Malabar spinach, broccoli. They now have vegetables in the garden for all seasons on the island.

Spending some time in Toc Tan island would help you feel the changes in the sea and the sky of your homeland. All of them have created a peaceful and stable Toc Tan facing whatever the rough seas and big waves might bring.
By Thong Hai