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Hanoi’s simple but special dish

Cha ruoi (rag worm omelet), a tasty street food has been recommended by AFP as a must-try dish for visitors to Hanoi.
Ruoi belongs to a family of Polychaeta worms that live in brackish water. Ruoi is rich in protein and calcium, phosphorus, iron and zinc.

Ruoi is used to make numerous dishes including fermented ruoi paste, steamed ruoi and ruoi stir-fried with cu nieng (Manchurian wild rice), but cha ruoi remains the most favored by Hanoians.

The way to make the dish is simple. Mix rag worm with minced pork, egg, fresh dill, green onion, citrus rind, fish sauce, pepper and chili. Deep-fry the mixture in hot oil until the omelets are yellowish brown.

The rag worm fritter is best when served hot with a sweet and sour sauce, some herbs and rice vermicelli.

In Hanoi, visitors can try cha ruoi at O Quan Chuong gate, or Nam Ngu, Lo Duc, Hoe Nhai and Duong Thanh streets with prices from 15,000 to 50,000 dong/fritter.

Visitors can try cha ruoi at some places in Hanoi:
1. No.1 Hang Chieu street, Hanoi. Open: 10am - 10pm
2. No.25 Gia Ngu street, Hanoi. Open: 10am - 11pm
3. No.244 Lo Duc, Hanoi. Open: 10am - 10pm
Story: Ngan Ha - Photos: Khanh Long