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Grilled Buffalo Meat Wrapped in Pomelo Leaves

Buffalo meat is prepared different ways, such as buffalo meat fried with morning glory and dried buffalo meat and buffalo mixed with fresh vegetables. From buffalo meat and some other ingredients, Hieu Muong, an expert on Muong Culture in Hoa Binh Province, is the trailblazer of a delicious dish -  grilled bufflalo meat wrapped in pomelo leaves.
On an early winter’s day, we visited his museum area on Muong Culture l in Hoa Binh City and we had the opportunity to enjoy the delicious dish made with buffalo meat and  pomelo leaves.

To prepare the dish, Hieu Muong selects a large piece of fresh buffalo meat and then cleans and finely chops it with lard and adds a dash of seasoning. First, he rolls each spoon of chopped meat with a piper lotot leaf to create the flavor for the dish  and then grills the rolls over hot charcoal. He wraps  the rolls with pomelo leaves before grilling them again until they become brown.

The dish is tastier served hot.

The ingredients to make the dish consist of buffalo meat, lard, piper lolot leaves, pomelo leaves and other seasoning.

Finely chop the buffalo meat and then mix it with a dash of seasoning.

Wrap the rolls in pomelo leaves and then grill over hot charcoal again.

The dish has a distinctive flavour.

By Tran Thanh Giang