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Yen So - An Example of New Rural Construction in Hanoi

Selected as one of the communes participating in the pilot plan of new rural construction of Hanoi, Yen So Commune (Hoai Duc District) has met all 19 criteria of a new rural area after  two years of endeavours, becoming an example of agricultural development and the improvement of farmers’ living standards.
Right from the beginning of the new rural construction campaign, Yen So Commune’s authority set the goal of sustainable economic development as its primary focus. Accordingly, it has intensified the efforts of people and entrepreneurs to concentrate on moving from less productive crops to ones with high economic values. It encourages people to reform their fields in order to create new specialised farming areas, build trade and service facilities, and develop crafts.

The commune has exploited its advantages of land for effective and sustainable agricultural development. In particular, Yen So has facilitated households in exchanging their fields with each other or renting fields in order to form large fields for extensive investment, production and business. Several households in the commune have switched from planting low productive crops to high value ones like Buddha’s hand (fingered citron), Canh oranges or Dien pomelos on a total area of 120ha. The model which households work and share experience with each other has brought about an average income of 800 million dong to one billion dong per year for farmers. In the meantime, it gives priority to the development of industries, crafts and services.

Yen So Commune’s kindergarten with newly built facilities. Photo: Trinh Van Bo/VNP

With adequate school facilities, education quality has been improved. Photo: Trinh Van Bo/VNP

 Inter-commune concreted road system facilitates transportation of Yen So residents. Photo: Trinh Van Bo/VNP

The model of growing flowers in green house brings high economiv value to the locals . Photo: Trinh Van Bo/VNP

Flowers grown in green house are beautiful and have high yield. Photo: Trinh Van Bo/VNP

A carpentry workshop in Yen So Commune. Photo: Trinh Van Bo/VNP

An electric appliances producing workshop in Yen So Commune. Photo: Trinh Van Bo/VNP

Many households in Yen So Commune are now involved in vermicelli production,
which helps increase their income. Photo: Trinh Van Bo/VNP

A sewing workshop in Yen So Commune provides jobs for many locals. Photo: Trinh Van Bo/VNP

In the construction of a new rural area, locals in Yen So Commune, Hoai Duc District (Hanoi)
have changed from less productive crops to ones with a high economic values on a total area of 120ha.
Photo: Trinh Van Bo/VNP

Not only paying attention to economic growth, Yen So is also an excellent model of building the cultural and spiritual life for residents. It has introduced a village convention with 6 chapters and 63 provisions highlighting issues of morality, culture, ethics, hygiene, security and order, and civilised lifestyles in weddings, funerals and parties, among others.

In addition, many works of construction including that of the community cultural house, kindergarten, irrigation and inner-field canals system, and the commune’s post office have been done and proved effective in serving people’s daily life and production.

After two years of new rural construction, Yen So has accomplished 19 out of 19 criteria for a new rural area. It is also attempting to upgrade the attained achievements and raise the average income to 30 million dong per year. It can be said that the commune’s rural appearance has been enhanced with ever-increasingly improved living standards.

Story: Tuan Kiet – Photos: Trinh Bo