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War reporters exchange experience

Hanoi, April 24 (VNA) – Vietnamese and foreign scientists, journalism researchers and reporters gathered at an international conference in Hanoi on April 24 to talk theory and reality of war journalism.

As many as 40 speeches at the event, many of them delivered by former war reporters, analysed the role of the press during wartime, reflected on world media reactions during Vietnam’s struggle for national liberation, and the responsibility of journalism in international solidarity.

Participants also discussed the performance of Vietnamese press during the war, experience in organising media agencies in war conditions, and reporter work ethic in writing about war.

War reporters and press agency leaders at the event also shared their experiences and lessons on gathering and spreading news promptly, accurately and effectively.

The attendees noted that that during the war for national defence and border protection, more than a thousand revolutionary reporters were involved in publishing articles and photos of war developments.

The reporters, some of whom laid down their lives for the cause, made remarkable contributions to the victory of the Vietnamese revolution, they agreed.

According to Associate Professor Truong Ngoc Nam, Director of the Academy of Journalism and Communications (AJC), reporters are present in every hotspot of the world to meet the public need for information, especially regarding wars.

The coverage by reporters plays an important role in guiding public opinion and helping the community get an accurate understanding of the nature of war, he said, adding that reporters are also historical witnesses and history writers.

Associate Prof. Nam cited an example - the US war in Vietnam, during which the American press changed the stance of American people about the war, contributing to the US withdrawal of troops from Vietnam .

Agreeing with Nam, Prof. Dr. Thomas A. Bauer from Austria’s Vienna University said war communications helps maintain war memories and becomes a source of knowledge linking the past and present, while raising cultural awareness of the society on building peace.

Held by the Vietnam Journalists Association, the AJC, the Vietnam News Agency and the Vienna University, the event is a chance for war reporters and press researchers to share professional knowledge and experience.

The same day, a seminar and exhibition of war reporter activities was organised at the VNA headquarters in Hanoi. A seminar highlighting experience in using media articles for national defence and liberation in Vietnam will also be held by the Defence Ministry on April 25.