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Vinmec to become top ASEAN hospital for surgical anaesthesia

Vinmec Medical System and the World Federation Of Societies of Anaesthesiologists (WFSA) have signed an agreement to ensure the systems will conform to the Helsinki Declaration on patient safety in anaesthesiology.

As the first medical facility in Vietnam signing a commitment with WFSA, Vinmec is looking forward to becoming the safest hospital for surgical anesthesia in ASEAN.

Introduced in 2010, the Helsinki Declaration is a standard of ensuring surgical anesthesia safety that is now being applied throughout Europe. Under the framework of the agreement, all medical facilities of Vinmec Medical System will conform to standards recommended by the European Anaesthetic Association in the operating room and ICU areas. The Vinmec medical system is committed to developing treatment plans and medical facilities for infection control, anaphylactic shock, multiple bleeding and postoperative pain management.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, WFSA President Jannicke Mellin Olsen, who is also the author of the Helsinki Declaration, said that anaesthetists were protectors for patients during anaesthetisation, intensive care and pain management processes. In that spirit, the goal of preventing anesthesia-related incidents was a challenge throughout the world.

Olsen said that the WFSA hailed Vinmec’s ability to comply with strict safety requirements. WFSA will continue to provide training to improve the quality of anesthesia practice for Vinmec doctors and nurses in efforts to expand this model to other hospitals in Vietnam.

“With instruction and support of WFSA, Vinmec can perfect its anesthesia safety model and realise the goal of becoming a painless hospital, providing the optimal quality of care for patients,” said Prof. Bui Duc Phu, Deputy Director of Vinmec Medical System.

As the first medical facility signing international commitment on patient safety in anaesthesiology, Vinmec not only realises the goal of becoming the safest hospital on anesthesia in Southeast Asia, but will also become the best place for world-class health care services for people in Vietnam and in the region.

Vinmec Medical System is non-profit health system launched in 2012 by the Vingroup. The system consists of three components following the standard model of the world’s leading health system, with hospital chain, research institute and universities. The system currently has seven general hospitals, of which two have had Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditations. It is expected that Vinmec will have 10 hospitals nationwide by 2020.