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Vietnam’s military engineers assessed for readiness for peacekeeping operations

Hanoi, June 27 (VNA) – A UN delegation on June 27 had a working session with the Engineering High Command and watched the performance of a combat engineering team at Brigade 249 to assess their readiness for UN peacekeeping  activities. 

The delegation’s visit aims to examine training, professional capacity and operational standard of Vietnam in terms of military medicine and engineering – the prerequisites for Vietnam to be lifted to Level 2 of the UN Peacekeeping Capability Readiness System. 
The team performed tasks in clearing mines and bombs and building high-storey houses, roads, bridges and garrisons. 

The UN delegation appreciated the professional competence and experience of Vietnam’s combat engineering force in both military and civil activities, especially in humanitarian UXO clearance, which they said suit the increasing demands of UN peacekeeping missions. 

At the same time, Lieutenant colonel Shahab Udin, head of the delegation, said the force needs to improve equipment and officers’ foreign language proficiency among officers, adding that officers and soldiers should gain thorough understanding of standard operating procedures for UN peacekeeping engineers. 

Commanders of the peacekeeping combat engineering team affirmed strong determination to send military engineers to join UN peacekeeping operations on schedule. 
Meanwhile, the Engineering High Command pledged to take measures to overcome shortcomings and limitations as soon as possible. 

They also suggested the UN advise Vietnam on the set of equipment for combat engineers and the UN standard procedure. 
The peacekeeping combat engineering team of Vietnam has 268 members, who are undergoing training in their specialized work and foreign language.