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Vietnamese female advancement ranked 5th in Asia-Pacific

Hanoi, May 11 (VNA) – MasterCard ranked Vietnam fifth in its Women’s Advancement Index for Asia-Pacific, with a score of 64.2/100.

The index tracked the progress of women across 18 countries in the region towards gender parity based on employment (workforce participation and regular employment), c apability (secondary and tertiary education), and l eadership (business owners, business leaders and political leaders).

Vietnam gained 95.3 points in the capability category, 82.6 points in employment, and 33.6 points in leadership.

For the 10th consecutive year, New Zealand, Australia and the Philippines topped the list with scores of 78.0, 76.0 and 71.4, respectively. Apart from Singapore (70), all remaining markets in the region scored below 70.