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Vietnam treasures revolutionary devotees’ sacrifice: official

Hanoi, June 7 (VNA) – The Party, State and National Assembly (NA) appreciate and always keep in mind the precious sacrifice and contribution of Quang Nam province’s authorities and residents to the country’s revolution, NA Vice Chairman Do Ba Ty has said.

He made the remarks whiling hosting a reception in Hanoi on June 7 for representatives of the revolutionary devotees and Agent Orange (AO)/dioxin victims from the central province.

During the resistance wars against France and the US, Quang Nam experienced heavy losses with large numbers of martyrs and AO/dioxin victims. In the war against the US alone, 35,000 people there were exposed to toxic chemicals used by the US army, including 15,000 people directly engaging in the fight.

Ty said while the Party and State have continually paid heed to policies for national devotees, the NA has supervised the enforcement of relevant policies and laws and fine-tuned regulations on benefits for the devotees and AO/dioxin victims.

He asked central and local agencies and the Quang Nam association of AO/dioxin victims to strengthen efforts to support the revolutionary devotees and AO/dioxin victims such as by overhauling related regulations and offering aid.

He added that he hopes the targeted group can weather difficulties to help with the national development.

Also on June 7, the delegation from Quang Nam had a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh.