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Vietnam claims seven gold medals at International Marionette Festival

Vietnam bagged seven gold medals at the 5th International Marionette Festival, which ended on October 15 in Hanoi.

Vietnam was among two gold winners for best productions for the water puppet show “Tre – Coc” (the chronicle of the catfish and the frogs) by the Vietnam Puppetry Theatre. The play is based on a Vietnamese folk tale believed to date from the early thirteenth century.

In the tale, a catfish steals tadpoles from two frogs. The frogs appeal to a mandarin, who orders the catfish be imprisoned but the wife of the catfish bribes an underling of the mandarin to have the affair re-examined. The mandarin’s inspectors, after travelling to the pond, declare the tadpoles were the true offspring of the catfish.

The other gold medal was awarded to a puppet troupe from Laos.

The host country also claimed six out of eight gold medals for various individual prizes.

Nguyen Phuong Nhi from the Thang Long Water Puppetry Theatre won the best director for a new production entitled “Cong Chua Toc May” (Tangled Princess), which combines water puppetry, rod puppetry and string puppetry. The 45-minute show conveys a message about environmental protection. The best stage design award went to Ngo Thang from the Vietnam Puppetry Theatre.

The best puppet design, best music and best costume awards went to Laos, Cambodia and Thailand, respectively.

Christian Elijah Lunaria, a 10-year-old puppeteer from Lunaria Family Marionette Troupe of the Philippines, grabbed the award for young talent.

Speaking at the award ceremony, Vuong Duy Bien, chairman of the jury, said the fifth International Marionette Festival concluded in a huge success thanks to the artists’ hard work. The jury appreciated the passion of both local and foreign puppeteers that has created success for each production at this year’s festival, he added.

The fifth International Marionette Festival was held in Hanoi from October 8-15, featuring about 100 puppeteers from Cambodia, Laos, the Philippines, Thailand, Belgium, France and Brazil.

Vietnamese participants included the Vietnam Puppetry Theatre, Thang Long Puppetry Theatre, Hai Phong Puppetry Theatre and HCM Puppetry Theatre.

In addition to performances in Hanoi, puppetry troupes also performed in the northern provinces of Ninh Binh and Vinh Phuc.