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Tuyen Quang: six more communes recognised as new style rural area

Tuyen Quang, December 26 (VNA) - The northern mountainous province of Tuyen Quang has six more communes recognised as meeting new-style rural area standards this year, raising the province’s total to 16 communes.

Over the past five years, the province has mobilised over 7.25 trillion VND (319.2 million USD) from different resources for its new-style rural area building.

During the period, Tuyen Quang built 2,700km of concrete roads and over 140 irrigation works along with 84km of canals to facilitate socio-economic development.
The province upgraded 70 transformer stations and hundreds of kilometres of power transmission lines.

In addition, 700 classrooms, over 200 cultural houses and 150 sport grounds have been built to improve living conditions of local people.

The province has completed universalisation of pre-school education for five-year-old children.

In 2017, Tuyen Quang will prioritise investment in raising income for rural residents by restructuring agricultural production towards enhancing added value and sustainable development.

The province will implement policies to assist the commercial production of several plants and animals, and encourage linkages between farmers and businesses.

Tuyen Quang strives to have additional seven communes recognised as new-style rural area next year.

The national programme on building new-style rural areas, initiated by the Government in 2010, includes 19 criteria on socio-economic development, politics, and defence, aiming to boost rural regions of Vietnam.

The criteria include infrastructure development, production capacity improvement, environmental protection and cultural value promotion.