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Translated Russian literary gems showcased in HCM City

An event to introduce classical and contemporary Russian literature through Vietnamese was held on the Ho Chi Minh City Book Pedestrian Street on March 9.

The event, organised by the Russian Centre for Science and Culture in Hanoi and the Phu Nu (Women) Publishing House, was also aimed at popularising Russian culture.

There were dozens of classical works by great Russian litterateurs like Lev Tolstoy, Sergey Yesenin and Valentin Rasputin as well as contemporary novels by writers like Alexei Varlamov and Maria Metlitskaya.

Alexey Popov, Russian Consul General in HCM City, said Vietnamese are familiar with classic Russian literature, especially those who know Russian, but contemporary works are also popular. 

The publication of these works would promote cultural exchanges between the two countries, he said.

The publication of the books is part of a long-term project to translate Russian literature into Vietnamese and vice versa.

It is being done by the Russian Centre for Science and Culture in Hanoi, the Vietnam-Russia Literature Fund and well-known Vietnamese translators since 2012.

So far, more than 40 works have been translated by people like Pham Xuan Loan, Hoang Thuy Toan and Thuy Anh, who have made great contributions to translating Russian literary works into Vietnamese.

They include classic and contemporary works and children’s books, and have been printed by major publishers like Tre, Kim Dong and Phu Nu.

Loan said: “Russian literature has a lasting vitality in the hearts of the Vietnamese people. It will contribute to developing a partnership between Russia and Vietnam.”

She began translating Russian works in 2006. Her popular works include contemporary novels Ra Doi (Birth) by Alexei Varlamov and Nhat Ky Me Chong (Diary of a Mother-in-law) by Maria Metlitskaya, and children’s book Nhat Ky Cho Fox Mikki (The Diary of Fox Terrier Named Mikki) by Sasha Chernyi.

The Russian books are available at stores and online in the country.