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Tokyo meeting marks southern Vietnam liberation anniversary

Tokyo, April 27 (VNA) – Vietnam’s arduous but glorious struggle against aggressors for national independence with the peak being the victory of Ho Chi Minh Campaign on April 30, 1975 was highlighted at a meeting in Tokyo on April 26.

Speaking in front of representatives of the Vietnamese community in Japan, Ambassador Doan Xuan Hung affirmed that the triumph of the Ho Chi Minh Campaign and the reunification of Vietnam 40 years ago were brought about by the sound leadership of President Ho Chi Minh and the Communist Party.

Forty years after the victory, Vietnam has developed from a poor and underdeveloped country to a dynamic economy with annual per capita income averaging 2,000 USD in 2014. The country has expanded its external relations and its position in the international arena has been improved.

The diplomat also stressed that every Vietnamese citizen living in Japan should take responsible for nurturing and developing the Vietnam-Japan relations in order to contribute further to the nation-building and safeguarding cause.

On the occasion, participants paid tribute to President Ho Chi Minh and watched documentaries on the liberation war and national construction and development process.