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Youths of Ha Giang, China’s Wenshan prefecture foster ties

Youths from the northernmost province of Ha Giang and Wenshan prefecture in China’s Yunnan province met for talks in Ha Giang on December 18 to foster ties between the two areas.

The event was part of a youth exchange programme between the two neighbouring localities on December 18 – 20.

According to Deputy Secretary of Ha Giang’s Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Dao Quang Dieu, the event enhanced cultural and sport exchange as well as experience sharing in the two youth unions’ operation and support for the young people to start their own businesses.

He expressed his belief that the talks would facilitate the expansion of links between young entrepreneurs of Ha Giang and Wenshan and help them explore investment opportunities.

He also expected that trade relations between the two sides would flourish thanks to the two youth unions, which act as bridges between the entrepreneurs and provide them with support to develop businesses in various fields, including trade, services, high-tech agriculture, eco-tourism and mineral processing.

During the talks, the two youth delegations exchanged views on issues of mutual interest. They agreed the two youth unions will serve as a bridge to implement common perceptions reached by the two border localities’ leaders and that they will hold youth exchanges once a year to increase mutual understanding and forge a closer friendship and cooperation.

They also agreed to raise awareness among their young people of the long-standing solidarity and comprehensive partnership between Vietnam and China.