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Yen Bai not seek Guinness record recognition for massive Xoe dance

 The northern province of Yen Bai will not seek Guinness World Record recognition of a performance of Xoe dance involving 5,000 people as initially planned.

A performance of Xoe dance (Photo: VNA)

The information was released by Nguyen Minh Tuan, head of the provincial Party Committee’s information and education division.

Earlier, the Yen Bai authorities announced at a press conference in Hanoi that it would organize a 5,000-strong performance of the traditional dance of Thai ethnic group at the opening ceremony of Muong Lo Culture and Tourism Festival on September 20, and apply for a Guinness World Record.

Tuan said, however, that after considering requirements and conditions set by the Guinness World Records, the provincial authorities decided to give up on the application.

The massive Xoe performance will still be held as planned, becoming the highlight of the festival.

The Muong Lo Culture and Tourism Festival is held annually to introduce beautiful landscapes, culture and promote tourism in Yen Bai.

Xoe is a unique type of traditional dance of ethnic Thai communities in the northern region of Vietnam. It depicts the daily lives of Thai people and shows their wish for a peaceful and prosperous life.

The dance is performed in all festive activities in the locality.