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Winners of Viet Solutions 2021 announced

Winners of Viet Solutions 2021, a contest seeking digital transformation solutions for Vietnam, were announced at a ceremony held by the Ministry of Information and Communications in Hanoi on October 18.

The annual contest looks for technological ideas and products in the fields of  healthcare, education, finance-banking, agriculture, transport - logistics, energy, natural resources - environment, industrial production, entertainment - utilities, and corporate governance.

Specifically, the first prize of this year’s contest went to Vintom with the solution to convert digital data to video.

The second prizes were awarded to Cyber Purity with its application of artificial intelligence (AI) to filter harmful information on the Internet, and DigiAds with its solution to manage digital content on electronic screens to personalise each client.

Meanwhile, “Dino Di hoc” (Dino Going to School) with an educational application following Howard Gardner theory for children aged 3-6, and Emddi with a solution to manage taxis won the third prizes.

The first-prize winner received a cash prize of 300 million VND (12,000 USD), meanwhile the winners of the second and third prizes were awarded 200 million VND and 150 million VND, respectively.

Launched by the Viettel Military Industry and Telecoms Group and the Ministry of Information and Communications in June 10, the contest attracted over 250 entries from 17 countries in 11 fields.

The new feature of Viet Solutions 2021 is that the organising board chose potential products to sign contracts right after the end of the preliminary round. So far, 16 solutions have been selected for cooperation./.