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Wind power plant set to operate in Ninh Thuan

Technical operation for 16 wind turbines began at a wind-power farm in the south-central province of Ninh Thuan on May 2.

The turbines will supply 179 million kilowatts per hour (kWh) of electricity per year from the second half of this year.

A source from Trung Nam Group told Viet Nam News that the 16 wind turbines, which were built at the solar-wind power farm complex in the province from early this year, were technically qualified in a trial operation on May 2.

The 16-turbine second stage of the project, designed with a capacity of 64 Megawatts (MW), will supply renewable energy for the national grid later this year.

According to the group, 17 wind turbines were built in the first stage, which was completed last April, designed with 40MW to supply 110 million kWh per year for the national grid.

It said the wind-power project, which was invested with total capital of 600 million USD in three stages, promises to provide more green energy sources for the country.

A 12-wind turbine farm with 48MW capacity will start construction in the third quarter this year.

Trung Nam said it had been speeding up the construction of a solar power project with a total capacity of 450MW.

It is expected that the solar-wind power farm complex will supply a total 950 million kWh per year for the country’s grid.  

To date, Ninh Thuan has approved 13 wind power projects with a designed capacity of 680MW. Of the total, three are already operational.