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Will remote work trend prevail after COVID-19 in Vietnam?

With the development of technology and Internet connectivity, remote work has become popular during the COVID-19 pandemic. Employees can work anywhere, at any time instead of being at the office for eight hours.

Hoang Nam Tien, Chairman of the FPT Telecom Joint Stock Company, said that businesses have got used to working from home over the past year. Currently, thousands of the company’s employees are teleworking or work at home.

Remote work will be common even after the pandemic. This is an inevitable trend, he said. Therefore, businesses should make preparations for necessary things right now.

Ha Lam Tu Quynh, Director of Communications and Public Relations in charge of Vietnam at Google Asia Pacific, said like FPT or many other businesses, that remote work was implemented when the start of COVID-19 pandemic and everyone got used to this over the last 18 months.

Whether remote work or work from home, Google has only a system of evaluating employee performance based on the progress and quality of the work they complete.

Lu Thanh Long, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Misa Company, said that the company does not only have tools for staff to work remotely, but also builds a platform to help more than 12,000 businesses doing so.

However, he said, it is a challenge when the whole company has to work from home or remote working as telework requires the availability of infrastructure, effective interaction of teams and labour efficiency. Ensuring security in some industries, especially software intellectual property, is also a problem.

Experts, as well as businesses, believe that working remotely will prevail even after the pandemic as it is an inevitable trend. Thus, businesses should invest in adequate tools, protocols and processes so that many job positions can work remotely.

For employees, working remotely helps save time on commuting and people have more time for their family.

Researches show that individuals obtain up to 70 percent of their knowledge from job-related experiences. When not being able to communicate, work side by side with more experienced people and without the guidance of managers, it will be difficult for employees to learn and do better.

Therefore, creating an environment for employees to work together in the office, interact and learn from each other is very important.

From the perspective of the representative of Google Vietnam, it’s time for managers to change their mindset. The problem is not working remotely or from home, but management needs to shift its focus from relying on staff’s physical presence at work to their work quality.

For those, who work from home, this is an opportunity to demonstrate their ability to learn and adapt to changing circumstances, Quynh said./.