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WHO: Vietnam should continue alcohol test amid nCoV fear

An official from the World Health Organisation (WHO) in Vietnam advised Vietnam to continue checking drivers’ alcohol level amidst fear of coronavirus (nCoV), according to Vice Chairman of the National Committee on Traffic Safety Khuat Viet Hung.

Hung said in a letter sent to him, WHO Chief Representative in Vietnam Kidong Park  gave recommendations on the implementation of the Road Traffic Law and other regulations, including the prohibition of driving with an alcohol concentration in blood or breath.

Park emphasized the need to take appropriate protective measures to ensure safety and reduce the risk of disease transmission to law enforcement officials, drivers and the community whenever checking alcohol level.

The WHO has issued basic recommendations to the public, including tips on how to drive safely amid the outbreak of the acute respiratory disease caused by nCoV, he said.

Traffic police should wear medical masks and be equipped with alcohol-based hand sanitizer; and it must be ensured that alcohol estimating equipment is used by a single traffic police officer in each shift to avoid cross-contamination.

Alcohol breathalyser must be disinfected before, during and after each work shift with alcohol solution. Police ought to use one device for each person, and those used should be collected and disposed appropriately.