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White daisy helps flower growers raise income

White daisies are often in full bloom in November in Hanoi, signaling the beginning of winter. In recent years, the flower has become popular, helping local growers raise income.

White daisies are often in full bloom in November and only last for a short time, between two and three weeks. To have the most beautiful flowers, farmers need to take care of the flowers meticulously.

Over the past several years, daisies have become popular among Hanoians and the flower normally sells well on the market. Many local growers have used two third of their land area to grow daisies. Growing daisies brings higher revenue as compared to rice cultivation.

Many gardeners in Hanoi have dedicated large areas of land to grow daisies, while designing more beautiful landscapes to meet the photography needs of flower lovers. Tickets to the garden range from 20,000 to 50,000 dong.

In addition to the income from selling flowers, flower growers can also earn millions of dong every day from accompanying services such as dining, makeup and costume rental.