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Webinar shares OVs’ experience in treating COVID-19 patients

A webinar was held on August 30 to discuss the US’s experience in treating COVID-19 patients and the establishment of a group of doctors to offer remote advice to patients in the southern provinces of Dong Nai and Tien Giang.

Co-hosted by the Foreign Ministry’s State Committee on Overseas Vietnamese Affairs, the Ho Chi Minh City Committee for Overseas Vietnamese Affairs and the Department of Foreign Affairs of Dong Nai and Tien Giang, the event is expected to gather OVs’ ideas and suggestions in support of the fight against the pandemic in southern localities, especially in Dong Nai and Tien Giang.

Associtate Professor Ly T Luong from the Loma Linda University’s School of Medicine in California presented the mechanism how virus SARS-CoV-2 attacks human body.

Meanwhile, Associate Professor Doan Dao Vien from the Riverside Community Hospital at the University of California shared experience in classifying patients that could be treated remotely and those in need of direct examination by medical staff.

About the provision of remote consultations by doctors in Dong Nai and Tien Giang, Vien said they will use the US’s TeleHealth system to link up with patients via the Internet, which is capable of offering advice to 200-300 patients per four hours each day. However, they need a group of local volunteers to support and introduce patients.

A representative of Tien Giang authorities said the province will offer advice and treatment to patients at home as guided by the Health Ministry, and wished that the OVs would make further contribution to the homeland to overcome difficulties at present./.