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Water puppetry wows audiences

Water puppetry or mua roi nuoc is a traditional stage art that highlights the uniqueness of Vietnam culture. It remains a special spiritual cultural product.

The Thang Long Water Puppetry Theatre has become a must-visit place for any tourist in Hanoi.

The stories from traditional legends and stories have been chosen carefully to tell the audience in every 50 minute show, wowing tourists, including foreign ones.

One of the most interesting things to audiences is that puppeteers, who are hidden behind a majestic pagoda, manipulate the characters with underwater poles, accompanied by a talented troupe of musicians playing Vietnamese folk instruments.

Created in the ponds of the 11th century, Vietnamese water puppetry stems from Vietnam’s wet-rice civilisation.

Dao Thuc village in Dong Anh outskirt district of Hanoi is known as the cradle of water puppetry not only for puppet performances but also wooden puppet production.

The combination of folk music, lighting and the deft manipulation of puppeteers has made water puppetry a staple on the well-trooden tourist circuit.