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Voluntary blood donation campaign spreads nationwide

 The voluntary blood donation campaign Red Journey 2020 will continue to be conducted in 10 more provinces and cities, aiming to achieve the target of this year which is to collect 50,000 blood units.

First launched on June 6 in the northern province of Cao Bang, by July 20 the campaign had gone through 31 provinces and cities, collecting nearly 33,000 blood units.

Tens of thousands of people have responded to the call to donate their blood during the campaign so far, which is in its 8th year.

The Red Journey campaign is taking place from June 6 to August 2 in 42 provinces and cities. It was launched by the national steering committee for blood donations and the Ministry of Health.

The campaign is scheduled to wrap up in the capital city of Hanoi, with about 1,000 volunteers from all over the country gathering on August 1 and 2./.