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Visitors come from or transit in China’s nCoV-hit areas to be quarantined

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has asked municipal and provincial tourism departments to keep track of visitors who come from or transit through new coronavirus (nCoV)-hit areas of China in order to quarantine any suspected infection cases.

In its official dispatch on February 6, the ministry asked local tourism departments to inspect all local lodging facilities and get updates about their guests entering Vietnam, including foreigners, who came from or transited in China over the past 14 days to quarantine when necessary.

All people who are suspected of being infected with the virus and those who came from or transited through the Chinese province of Hubei must be reported to competent authorities, and they will be kept in isolation at designated medical establishments.

Agencies should closely supervise those who were isolated at lodging facilities, while implementing preventive measures in line with medical agencies’ requirements.

The notice came following the Prime Minister’s dispatch to accelerate efforts to contain the spread of the virus in Vietnam.