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Vinamilk’s organic products impress Global Dairy Congress

 Vietnamese dairy producer Vinamilk’s organic product have impressed delegates to the 13th Global Dairy Congress which is being held in Lisbon, Portugal, from June 26-27.

The annual event attracted representatives from the world’s top 50 dairy and nutrition companies from Europe, the US and Japan.

Vinamilk is the only Asian representative to be invited to the event to share its success story about leading premium organic trend in Vietnam.

Vinamilk Executive Director Phan Minh Tien said the event afforded the company a chance to introduce the development of the Vietnamese dairy sector to the world.

As Vietnam’s leading nutrition producer and one of the world’s top 50 dairy companies, Vinamilk pioneers by debuting the first powdered milk for children meeting European organic standards in the country.

It also takes the lead in investing in organic ecological system from milch cow farms to factories using modern technologies.

In 2017, Vinamilk inaugurated the first European-standard organic milch cow farm and debuted organic fresh milk in Vietnam.

Last month, it teamed up with Japanese and Lao partners to build Lao Jagro Vinamilk milch cow farm in Laos with 100,000 heads on a site of 20,000ha and a total investment of 500 million USD.

By 2020, the first stage of the project will meet European, US and Japanese organic standards and provide fresh milk materials for Vietnam and Asia.