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“Village without waste” project implemented in Quang Ngai

A 10,000 USD project funded by Pacific Environment (PE) to minimize domestic solid waste has kicked off in Duc Pho district, the central province of Quang Ngai.

Running until November 16, the project aims to help locals in Pho Thanh commune implement a waste classification model, produce and use organic fertilizer for cultivation in the locality, reduce the use of disposable plastic products and expand the “village without waste” model in the province.

Local residents are being shown how to classify waste in the right way, and equipped with equipment and knowledge to produce compost.

The project also focuses on collecting and analysing waste to determine the amount and type of waste discharged into the environment, and which types of waste are most favoured locally, thus providing information for agencies in charge of managing waste so they can make recommendations on how to improve the waste management system.

The project aims to minimise the risks of environmental pollution, and promote the rural environmental protection movement in Quang Ngai ./