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Viettel named most influential company in Asia

Vietnamese telecom giant Viettel has been the only company in Vietnam to be recognised as Asia's 'Most Influential Company' at Asia Corporate Excellence & Sustainability Awards (ACES).

ACES is the award for sustainable and pioneering businesses in Asia that influence people and international relationships. Businesses are selected based on growth, manpower, creativity and brand influence in Asia and commitment to sustainability goals.

Viettel has implemented many digital transformation projects in many countries, including five countries in Asia. In all these countries, Viettel focuses on developing e-government, smart city, digital transformation for health, education and transportation.

It has brought five Asian countries including Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, East Timor and Myanmar to the list of countries with great progress and pioneering in telecommunications and IT in the world.

In the second quarter of 2020, Viettel's data revenue in overseas markets reached 500 million USD, equivalent to 106.2 percent of the plan. E-wallet revenue reached 6 million USD, 127 percent of the plan. The number of e-wallet subscribers reached 154 percent of the set target, accounting for 8 percent of its total subscribers.

In Vietnam, the Viettelpay digital payment ecosystem has been expanding with 300 partners in 15 service industries. Average monthly cash flow is 50 trillion VND with 40 million transactions in 2019 which is ready for providing mobile money service. Viettel is also at the forefront of cybersecurity and has been the core of protection for many important systems of the Government, ministries and large enterprises.