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Viettel announces rebranding

The Viettel Group has unveiled its new branding, including a new logo and slogan, marking the firm's second rebrand after the first in 2004.

The reason for the rebranding of the Viettel brand is a major change in Viettel’s development strategy. This led to a change in the logo and slogan, as well as an addition to the core values of the brand, said Le Dang Dung, acting Chairman and General Director of Viettel Group.

Viettel’s new logo with the main red colour aims to evoke youthfulness, desire, passion and dynamism.

The new slogan "Your way” helps Viettel convey a message that encourages each person to be more creative and express themselves, together creating better value for life.

After implementing universalisation of telecommunications services in Vietnam, Viettel announced a new mission of pioneering in creating a digital society and transition from a telecom service provider to a digital service provider. By the end of 2020, Viettel had formed six key platforms of a digital society, including digital infrastructure, digital solution, digital content, digital finance, cybersecurity and high-tech industrial production research.

The relocation helps the Viettel brand fit with the new strategy and vision that have been declared and implemented in practice as well as affirming that it is no longer a mere telecommunications service provider, Dung added.

Along with the mission statement of pioneering in the creation of digital society, with the rebranding and launching of a new brand identity, Viettel wants to show a profound change in mind, in action and future direction to truly be a leading and pioneering digital service provider, in the digital age of an extremely rapidly changing digital society, he added./.