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Vietnam’s management system working well to curb COVID-19

Vietnam has succeeded in preventing the COVID-19 outbreak from spreading further, clearly showing that its management system works very well, said Prof Vladimir Kolotov, General Director of the Ho Chi Minh Institute of the Saint Petersburg State University in Russia.

Vietnam has used its limited resources to solve specific issues, he said, and the country has made all efforts to minimise the risk of importing new cases and transmitting the coronavirus among people.

Developed long ago during the country’s past struggle for independence, this management system has once again used people power to fight the pandemic, the Russian professor continued. The system has been modernised and innovated with the use of information technology and the internet, he added.

The most important attributes are the great unity of the nation, public discipline and high awareness of the situation, he said. The government has provided people with medical supplies for the COVID-19 fight while the people have rigorously complied with the government’s instructions.

He emphasised that Vietnam has created an explicit and transparent system to contain the spread of the disease and detect new infections early, which has received massive support from the public.

Adam McCarty, an economist at Mekong Economics, said Vietnam has handled the issue very wisely.

Fred Burke, managing partner of the HCM City-based law firm Baker Mckenzie, said Vietnam had coped with SARS, avian influenza and different financial crises before, so it knew it must act fast and thoroughly to keep COVID-19 under control. The country is in a good position to quickly recover, he said./