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Vietnam’s beaches ideal for Valentine’s Day: Malaysian paper

Vietnam’s beautiful beaches in the central region are ideal destinations for Valentines’ Day, read an article by Jade Tye that was run in Malaysia’s The New Straits Times on February 13.

The author wrote that Vietnam’s central coastline is gaining increasing attention from beach-lovers and honeymooners. Couples will be rewarded with a more relaxed and less crowded atmosphere amid palm-fringed beaches and picturesque craggy coastlines against the backdrop of mountain ranges and windswept dunes.

Jade suggested that they should visit the beaches in February when the weather is cool and sunny with fewer rainy spells. The warm, dry season falls between March and September.

“With a string of quaint beach towns yet to face the onslaught of mass tourism — from the modern metropolis Da Nang to the secluded, paradisiacal Quy Nhon — Vietnam’s sun-baked coast offers a refreshing romantic beach holiday,” read the article.

The beauty of Da Nang and Quy Nhon, as well as their characteristic features, were described vividly in the article.

More than just a gateway to the world heritage sites of Hue and Hoi, Da Nang is a brilliant urban beach hub in its own right. With an international airport providing convenient connections, the fast-growing coastal city lined with an impressive 60km-long shoreline offers a booming culinary scene, exciting street food, and lively nightlife.

Da Nang is home to an endless stretch of beaches with the most popular being My Khe and Non Nuoc. The preferred choice is Non Nuoc beach for its soft sand, gentle slopes, and mild tides year-round.

Meanwhile, Quy Nhon, with its wide boulevards and pleasant streets, retains much of its gentle provincial vibe without the excesses of Hanoi and Saigon. Crossing the street in Quy Nhon is a stress-free, sanely affair. Its biggest asset though is its unpretentious allure, from historical relics and wild seascapes, to an interior of lush mountains dappled with desolate sand dunes.

In the article, the author also recommended a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage city of Hoi An, along with Nha Trang and Mui Ne.

Jade affirmed that the unique natural landscapes, people, and culture in the central coastal region of Vietnam will provide holidaymakers with memorable experiences, which are guaranteed to keep couples and families loved up this Valentine’s Day.