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Vietnamese web dramas to entertain audiences during Tet

Vietnamese artists are working on new web dramas that will bring heart-warming laughter to audiences during the Tet (Lunar New Year) holiday which falls on January 22 this year.

Thu Trang, one of the most famous female film directors in the country, will release the sixth part of her famous web drama during Tet called Tet Den Roi Ve Nha Thoi (Tet is Coming! Let’s Go Home) on January 7 on YouTube.

The 45-minute work portrays Tet preparation and celebration in a family in the countryside, highlighting love and forgiveness among family members in the most special season of the year.

The film features famous comic actors such as Thu Trang, Tien Luat, and Phi Phung, and cai luong (reformed opera) actress Thanh Hang.

Trang told local media that, “I love the warm atmosphere of people in a family gathering together to welcome a New Year.”

She added that she began to produce Tet Den Roi Ve Nha Thoi five years ago with the desire to bring joy to audiences during the holiday.

The first five parts of the series have attracted more than 36.5 million views on the YouTube channel Thu Trang Official.

YouTube user Ngoc Van commented, “I’ve waited for Tet Den Roi Ve Nha Thoi every year. I’ve been watching the series the whole time.”

Trang became popular after playing a leading role in a family drama called Nang (Little Sunshine) and its sequel Nang 2 (Little Sunshine 2) in 2017, focusing on motherhood.

In 2018, she released her first film production, a three-episode web drama Thap Tam Muoi (Young Sister 13), which was later adapted into a feature film titled Chi Muoi Ba (Sister Thirteen).

Her movies Chi Mi Ba: Phan ket Thap Tam Muoi (Sister Thirteen: The New Chapter) and Chi Muoi Ba: Ba Ngay Sinh Tu (Sister Thirteen: Three Deadly Days) earned 62 billion VND (2.67 million USD) and 108 billion VND (4.76 million USD), respectively.

Tet Ngot Tet Thom (Sweet Tet), a production of the HCM City-based film studio MCV, quickly became one of the most-viewed web dramas in Vietnam before the holiday.

Premiering on December 30, the 60-minute film has earned around 469,000 views on YouTube.

The drama features the conflict between two generations in the family, but they still love each other and are always ready to help other members overcome difficulties.

To ensure top quality, MCV invited celebrated actress Kim Xuan and artist Le Thien to join the film as well as young talents Diep Bao Ngoc and Phuong Min.

Tran Nam Duy, the film’s director, said, “We hope to bring joyful moments and a lot of laughs to audiences in the holiday, but also convey messages and lessons about family and love.”

The film can be watched on YouTube channel MCV Media./.