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Vietnamese scholar abroad honours late President Ho Chi Minh through books

 Though living and working abroad, Prof. Nguyen Dai Trang still spends much time on studying and writing books about the late President Ho Chi Minh, which have received warm response and praise from the political circle, Canadians and the Vietnamese community in Canada.

Trang was born in 1970 in the central province of Thua Thien-Hue and settled down in Canada in 1990. She is now a lecturer at the Business Administration Faculty of the Centennial College and Chairwoman of the Canada – ASEAN Association at York University, Canada.

She was the first Vietnamese abroad to write and publish books about President Ho Chi Minh. Her first book was published in May 2010 in both English and Vietnamese languages. Her second book in Vietnamese, English and Spanish was released three years later.

On the occasion of the 130th birth anniversary of the late President in 2020, she debuted an e-book about him, which has been translated into English.

In early February 2021, she introduced her fifth book entitled ““The Black Race by Ho Chi Minh and Selected Works on Systemic Racism”. Through the book, many foreign readers admired President Ho Chi Minh’s vision as well as his role in national liberation movements in African countries.

Prof. Adibin Kusno, Director of the York Institute of Asian Research, said through these books, he has gained a better understanding of Vietnam.

US professor Howarzinn, for his part, said the Pentagon Papers described Ho Chi Minh as a much-respected and admired leader of Vietnam.

As a consultant of the United Nations on Vietnam’s human development report and a collaborator of the University of British Colombia’s Centre for Southeast Asia Research, Trang also joined a number of social projects and programmes related to poverty reduction and women protection in Vietnam.

Together with lecturers and students of the University of British Colombia, she made a fact-finding trip to 20 Vietnamese cities and provinces in 1997. She later made the first report on poverty reduction, and issues related to women and children in disadvantaged and ethnic minority areas.

In 1998, she attended a large-scale seminar on improving the capacity of poverty reduction, which was co-organised by the Canadian International Development Agency and several Vietnamese universities.

In her capacity as a member of the Canada – Vietnam Business Council’s executive board, she has actively partnered with the Vietnamese Embassy in Canada and agencies concerned to hold trade and investment promotion activities between the two countries’ authorities and business communities.

Trang is also active in organising trade connectivity activities and workshops between Vietnamese and Canadian localities./.