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Vietnamese people's confidence in Government’s response to COVID-19 highest worldwide: German survey

Up to 62 percent of respondents in Vietnam say that their government is doing “right amount” in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the biggest public survey on COVID-19 conducted by the Berlin-based Dalia Research.

The rate is the highest among the 45 countries and territories worldwide involved in the research that focus on people’s perception of their governments’ reaction to the epidemic.

Vietnam is followed by Argentina (61 percent), Austria (58 percent), Singapore (57 percent) and South Africa (56 percent) in this category.

Almost half of the world (43 percent) say their governments are doing too little in response to the outbreak. However, citizens in eight out of the 45 countries surveyed believe on average that their governments are overreacting and doing ‘too much’ in response.

As the US overtakes China in the number of the confirmed cases, 19 percent of the US population believe the government is doing ‘too much’ in response.

France and Spain are above the global average for considering their governments' response to be ‘too little’ (64 percent and 66 percent respectively)./.